FreeSkool Yoga

When:  Thursdays, 7-8:30pm

Where:  St Peter’s Community Centre (705 Main St East)

Classes:  We offer two different classes that rotate on a bi-weekly basis.  Both are beginner friendly.
Class Descriptions
Gentle Hatha:  We explore the fundamentals of yoga that include a sequence of standing poses and sun salutations, as well as stretching and strengthening.  There are no inversions in this class.

Mindful Stretching: Using elements of yin yoga, a practice that generally holds poses for 3-5 minutes, we take the time to fully immerse ourselves in our bodies and our breathe.  Poses are more passive, and it allows the body to ease and relax into the stretch.

Modifications are always offered in both classes.
Yoga is a life long practice that will benefit you both physically and mentally.  If you have always been curious about the benefits of yoga, we welcome you to join our class!  We strive to make yoga accessible for everyone, and we want to share our love of the practice with you.
All ages (18+) and abilities are welcome.
Classes are FREE and on a drop in basis so you don’t need to register.
You can drop in once or come every week!

New students welcome as every class will be intro level.   Come out and show yourself some love!

Mats and some props are available, but please bring your own if you have them.


Melissa White and Vytas Steigvilas, Yoga Instructors

Contact (


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    I really enjoyed browsing your website. Great job. Your information was interesting and easy to read.

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